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McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review: Clinical Anesthesiology Board Review

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by Larry Chu (Author)


    • McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review: Clinical Anesthesiology Board Review 1st Edition

    • Larry Chu

    First to Market: The Only Anesthesiology Board Review That Simulates the Actual Exam!

    This one-of-a-kind resource provides detailed and thoroughly researched answers and explanations to actual exam questions used in previous American Board of Anesthesiology examinations. High-yield and relevant, this is the ideal review book to help residents pass the American Board of Anesthesia written certification examination.

    • Answers are indexed by topic to help residents assess their strengths and weaknesses on the different components of the exam

    No other clinical anesthesiology study tool can match the Clinical Anesthesiology Board Review. This powerful review prepares physicians for the anesthesiology board exam with two practice exams, actual questions from recent ABA exams, and the most thoroughly researched, evidence-based answers of any guide. Clinical Anesthesiology Board Review is the key to exam day success. Here is why:

    Board Review Advantages

    • Includes actual board questions from the most recently retired ABA exam

    • Includes 2 practice exams, complete with answers

    • Includes 350 board questions

    • Provides the most thoroughly researched and detailed answers to each and every question

    • Indexes answers by topic, for quick assessment of strengths and weaknesses

    • References all answers to the leading anesthesiology text: Morgan: Clinical Anesthesiology, 3rd Ed.


    The Clinical Anesthesiology Board Review thoroughly covers every topic on the ABA exam. It offers the most comprehensive preparation of any review. What’s more, each answer is indexed to the main topics covered by the exam. The Board Review helps you build and assess your competency in all tested subject areas, including:
    ▲ Basic Science

    ▲ Pharmacology

    ▲ Cardiovascular Anesthesiology

    ▲ Neurological Anesthesiology

    ▲ Regional Anesthesia

    ▲ Pain Management

    ▲ Pediatric Anesthesia


    Product Details

    • Series: McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review
    • Paperback: 432 pages
    • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical; 1 edition
    • Language: English
      • Type: PDF

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