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Interventional Management of Chronic Visceral Pain Syndromes

Daniel J. Pak, Jason Yong, Krishna Shah


Surgical Metabolism: The Metabolic Care of the Surgical Patient 2nd ed. 2020 Edition PDF

by Kimberly A. Davis (Editor), Stanley H. Rosenbaum (Editor)


Clinical Thoracic Anesthesia 1st ed. 2020 Edition PDF

by Jayashree Sood (Editor), Shikha Sharma (Editor)


Anesthesia Equipment: Principles and Applications, 3e 3rd Edition PDF

by Jan Ehrenwerth MD (Author), James B. Eisenkraft MD MRCP(UK) FFARCS (Author), James M Berry MD (Author)


Personalized Anaesthesia: Targeting Physiological Systems for Optimal Effect 1st Edition PDF

by Pedro L. Gambús (Editor), Jan F. A. Hendrickx (Editor)


Modern Monitoring in Anesthesiology and Perioperative Care 1st Edition PDF

by Andrew B. Leibowitz (Editor), Suzan Uysal (Editor)


Maths, Physics and Clinical Measurement for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 1st Edition PDF

by Hozefa Ebrahim (Editor), David Ashton-Cleary (Editor)


CRQs for the Final FRCA 1st Edition PDF

by M. Ashraf Akuji (Author), Fiona Martin (Author),