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Hinman’s Atlas of Pediatric Urologic Surgery, 2nd Edition

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by Frank Hinman


    No other atlas presents pediatric urologic surgery with such care, attention to detail, and respect for the subject. Revised to include a new co-author and new illustrations, this new edition supplements comprehensive, step-by-step coverage of every procedure with the commentary of leading urologists. Over 60 new procedures present the latest advances in pediatric urologic surgery. Clear writing and detailed illustrations make this atlas ideal for both new and experienced surgeons.

    • Depicts surgery as it is actually performed with beautiful illustrations that illuminate every step in each procedure.
    • Follows a surgeon’s approach to technique, providing step-by-step instructions so you understand key anatomy and events during surgery.
    • Includes every procedure you might encounter in clinical practice for comprehensive coverage.
    • Features a new co-author and new commentators―the most important names in urology―for expert guidance and a fresh understanding of the subject.
    • Covers over 60 new procedures, including laparoscopic varicocele ligation, incision of the urethral plate, ileovesicostomy, laparoscopic orchiectomy, and cloacal exstrophy, to help you provide the best outcomes for pediatric patients.

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    •  992 pages
    • Publisher: Saunders; 2nd edition (December 4, 2008)
    • Language: English
    • Type : PDF 
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