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Fundamental Principles and Practice of Anaesthesia 1st Edition

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by Peter Hutton (Editor)


    Fundamental Principles and Practice of Anaesthesia 1st Edition

              by Peter Hutton (Editor)

    This book exemplifies the new problem-orientated approach to teaching anaesthesia. It comprises four sections that correspond closely with the four-year training programme set out by the American Board of Anesthesiology for candidates studying for the Diploma in Anesthesiology and with the new FRCA primary examination. The first three sections provide an integrated core text covering material that every trainee needs to know and understand, while the fourth section is a multi-author review of more specialized topics. Contributions are drawn from experts in the UK, Europe, the USA and Australasia, so presenting the best of current opinion and practice worldwide. Its highly illustrated presentation provides readers with a source of information on key topics that is concise and can readily be assimilated.

    “…concise, easy-to-use reference, organized according to clinical problems, linking anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology with practical procedures, according to each physiological system…highly illustrated.


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    •  1072 pages
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