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Anesthesiology Clinics 2000-2013 Full Issues

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    Issue List

    • Volume 31, Issue 2 Cardiac AnesthesiaEdited by Colleen G. Koch
    • Volume 31, Issue 1 Trauma Edited by Yoram G. Weiss and Micha Y. Shamir
    • Volume 30, Issue 4 Thoracic AnesthesiaEdited by Peter Slinger
    • Volume 30, Issue 3 Postanesthesia Care UnitEdited by Scott A. Falk
    • Volume 30, Issue 2 Neurosurgical AnesthesiaEdited by Ansgar M. Brambrink and Jeffrey R. Kirsch
    • Volume 30, Issue 1 Surgical Palliative Care and Pain Management Edited by Geoffrey P. Dunn, Sugantha Ganapathy and Vincent Chan
    • Volume 29, Issue 4 Sedation and Analgesia in the ICU: Pharmacology, Protocolization, and Clinical Consequences Edited by Pratik P. Pandharipande and E. Wesley Ely
    • Volume 29, Issue 3 Information Technology Applied to Anesthesiology Edited by Sachin Kheterpal and Kevin K. Tremper
    • Volume 29, Issue 2 Regional Analgesia and Acute Pain Management Edited by Suganatha Ganapathy and Vincent Chan
    • Volume 29, Issue 1 Quality of Anesthesia Care Edited by Mark D. Neuman and Elizabeth A. Martinez
    • Volume 28, Issue 4 Perioperative Pharmacotherapy Edited by Alan D. Kaye
    • Volume 28, Issue 3 Current Topics in Anesthesia for Head and Neck Surgery Edited by Joshua H. Atkins and Jeff E. Mandel
    • Volume 28, Issue 2 Ambulatory Anesthesia Edited by Peter S.A. Glass
    • Volume 28, Issue 1 Anesthesia for Patients Too Sick for Anesthesia Edited by Benjamin A. Kohl and Stanley H. Rosenbaum
    • Volume 27, Issue 4 Preoperative Medical Consultation: A Multidisciplinary Approach Edited by Lee A. Fleisher and Stanley H. Rosenbaum
    • Volume 27, Issue 3 Problems with Geriatric Anesthesia Patients Edited by Jeffrey H. Silverstein
    • Volume 27, Issue 2 Cutting-Edge Topics in Pediatric Anesthesia Edited by Arjunan Ganesh and Ronald Litman
    • Volume 27, Issue 1 Anesthesia Outside the Operating Room Edited by Wendy L. Gross and Barbara Gold
    • Volume 26, Issue 4 Value-Based Anesthesia Edited by Alex Macario
    • Volume 26, Issue 3 Cardiac Anesthesia: Today and Tomorrow Edited by Davy C.H. Cheng
    • Volume 26, Issue 2 Thoracic Anesthesia Edited by Peter Slinger
    • Volume 26, Issue 1 Obstetric Anesthesia Edited by Gurinder M. Vasdev
    • Volume 25, Issue 4 Pain Management Edited by Howard S. Smith
    • Volume 25, Issue 3 Neurosurgical Anesthesia and Critical Care Edited by Ansgar Brambrink and Jeffrey Kirsch
    • Volume 25, Issue 2 New Vistas in Patient Safety and Simulation Edited by W. Andrew Kofke and Vinay M. Nadkarni
    • Volume 25, Issue 1 Trauma Edited by Micha Y. Shamir and Yoram G. Weiss
    • Volume 24, Issue 4 Monitoring Edited by Jeffrey S. Vender
    • Volume 24, Issue 3 Common Medical Problems and Anesthesia Edited by Stanley H. Rosenbaum
    • Volume 24, Issue 2 Influence of Perioperative Care on Outcome Edited by Steffen E. Meiler
    • Volume 24, Issue 1 Palliative Care Edited by Jonathan R. Gavrin
    • Volume 23, Issue 4 Pediatric Anesthesiology Edited by Andrew T. Costarino and B. Randall Brenn
    • Volume 23, Issue 3 Obesity and Sleep Apnea Edited by Peter Rock
    • Volume 23, Issue 2 Issues in Transfusion Medicine Edited by Terri G. Monk and Lawrence T. Goodnough
    • Volume 23, Issue 1 Current Concepts in Postoperative Pain Management Edited by Girish P. Joshi
    • Volume 22, Issue 4 Transplantation Edited by R. Steadman, M. Csete and W. Merritt
    • Volume 22, Issue 3 Infectious Disease and Bioterrorism Edited by S.C. Hughes and J.D. Marks
    • Volume 22, Issue 2 Vascular Anesthesia Edited by M.J. Murray
    • Volume 22, Issue 1 Preoperative Evaluation Edited by L.R. Pasternak
    • Volume 21, Issue 4 Interventional Pain Management Edited by P.S. Staats, MD
    • Volume 21, Issue 3 Anesthesia and the Cardiac Patient Edited by N.A. Nussmeier, MD
    • Volume 21, Issue 2 Ambulatory Anesthesia Edited by Tong Joo (TJ) Gan
    • Volume 21, Issue 1 Issues in Obstetric Anesthesia Edited by Rakesh B. Vadhera, M.Joanne Douglas
    • Volume 20, Issue 4 The Upper Airway Edited by Martin S. Bogetz
    • Volume 20, Issue 3 Anesthesia-Related Complications Edited by Stanley Weber
    • Volume 20, Issue 2 Neurosurgical Anesthesia Edited by P.H. Petrozza
    • Volume 20, Issue 1 New Concepts and Techniques in Pediatric Anesthesia Edited by Linda J. Mason, Michelle S. Kim
    • Volume 19, Issue 4 Monitoring During Critical Events Edited by William C. Wilson
    • Volume 19, Issue 3 Thoracic Anesthesia Edited by Peter D. Slinger
    • Volume 19, Issue 2 Pediatric Emergencies Edited by Rukaiya K.A. Hamid
    • Volume 19, Issue 1 Anesthesia for Minimally Invasive Surgery: Laparoscopy, Thoracoscopy, Hysteroscopy Edited by Girish P. Joshi
    • Volume 18, Issue 4 Anesthesia and Renal Considerations Edited by Jerome F. O’hara Jr
    • Volume 18, Issue 3 Perioperative Medicine Edited by Peter Rock
    • Volume 18, Issue 2 Regional Anesthesia Edited by Jeffrey A. Grass
    • Volume 18, Issue 1 Geriatric Anesthesia Edited by Jeffrey H. Silverstein

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