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Robotic Surgery of the Head and Neck: A Comprehensive Guide 2015th Edition

by Gregory A. Grillone (Editor), Scharukh Jalisi (Editor)


Otologic Surgery, 4 Edition

by Derald Brackmann MD


Clinical Laryngology 1st edition

by Marvin P. Fried


Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery

by James I. Cohen


Plastic Surgery: Volume 3: Craniofacial, Head and Neck Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery, 3e

by Eduardo D Rodriguez MD DDS (Author), Joseph E Losee MD FACS FAAP (Author), Peter C. Neligan MB FRCS(I) FRCSC FACS (Author)


Functional Reconstructive Nasal Surgery 2nd Edition

by Egbert H. Huizing (Author), Johan A. M. de Groot (Auth


Cummings Pediatric Otolaryngology 1E

by Marci M. Lesperance MD (Author), Paul W. Flint MD (Author)


KJ Lee's Essential Otolaryngology, 11th edition

by Yvonne Chan (Author), John C. Goddard (Author)