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Dermatologic Clinics 2000-2013 Full Issues

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by Dédée F. Murrell MA BMBCh FAAD MD (Author)


    Issue List

    • Volume 31, Issue 2 Pediatric DermatologyEdited by Moise L. Levy
    • Volume 31, Issue 1 Hair Disorders: Current Concepts in Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Management Edited by Jerry Shapiro
    • Volume 30, Issue 4 Update in Dermatopathology Edited by Tammie Ferringer
    • Volume 30, Issue 3 Melanoma and Pigmented Lesions Edited by Julie E. Russak and Darrell S. Rigel
    • Volume 30, Issue 2 Quality of Life Issues in Dermatology Edited by Suephy C. Chen
    • Volume 30, Issue 1 United States Skin Disease Needs Assessment Edited by Robert P. Dellavalle
    • Volume 29, Issue 4 Autoimmune Blistering Diseases: Part II – Diagnosis and Management Edited by Dedee F. Murrell
    • Volume 29, Issue 3 Autoimmune Blistering Diseases: Part I – Pathogenesis and Clinical Features Edited by Dedee F. Murrell
    • Volume 29, Issue 2 Mohs Surgery Edited by Allison T. Vidimos, Christine Poblete-Lopez and Christopher C. Gasbarre
    • Volume 29, Issue 1 Special Topics in Tropical Dermatology Edited by Scott A. Norton and Aisha Sethi
    • Volume 28, Issue 4 Vulvovaginal Dermatology Edited by Libby Edwards
    • Volume 28, Issue 3 Innovative Therapeutics Edited by Ted Rosen
    • Volume 28, Issue 2 Epidermolysis Bullosa: Part II – Diagnosis and Management Edited by Dédée F. Murrell
    • Volume 28, Issue 1 Epidermolysis Bullosa: Part I – Pathogenesis and Clinical Features Edited by Dedee F. Murrell
    • Volume 27, Issue 4 Cosmetic Dermatology Edited by V.A. Narurkar
    • Volume 27, Issue 3 Contact Dermatitis Edited by Susan Nedorost
    • Volume 27, Issue 2 Dermatologic Epidemiology and Public Health Edited by Robert P. Dellavalle
    • Volume 27, Issue 1 Antibiotic Use in Dermatology Edited by James Q. Del Rosso
    • Volume 26, Issue 4 Panniculitis Edited by Luis Requena
    • Volume 26, Issue 3 Spa Dermatology Edited by Neil S. Sadick
    • Volume 26, Issue 2 International Dermatology Edited by Torello Lotti
    • Volume 26, Issue 1 Internal Malignancy and the Skin: Paraneoplastic and Cancer Treatment-Related Cutaneous Disorders Edited by Valencia Thomas and Charles R. Thomas
    • Volume 25, Issue 4 Cutaneous Receptors: Clinical Implications and Therapeutic Relevance Edited by Ronni Wolf and Batya Davidovici
    • Volume 25, Issue 3 Pigmentary Disorders Edited by Torello M. Lotti
    • Volume 25, Issue 2 Drug Actions, Reactions, and Interactions Edited by James Q. Del Rosso
    • Volume 25, Issue 1 Photodynamic Therapy Edited by Michael H. Gold
    • Volume 24, Issue 4 The Skin and HIV/AIDS: A Quarter Century Update Edited by Roy Colven
    • Volume 24, Issue 3 Nail Disorders and their Management Edited by Aditya K. Gupta and Robert Baran
    • Volume 24, Issue 2 Women’s Dermatology Edited by Kathryn Schwarzenberger
    • Volume 24, Issue 1 Sunscreens Edited by Z.D. Draelos
    • Volume 23, Issue 4 Psychocutaneous Disease Edited by M.A. Gupta
    • Volume 23, Issue 3 Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Edited by N.S. Sadick
    • Volume 23, Issue 2 Dermatologic Therapy Edited by D.I. McLean and W.S. Maddin
    • Volume 23, Issue 1 Advanced Surgical Reconstructive Techniques Edited by M.D. Brown
    • Volume 22, Issue 4 Psoriasis Edited by A. Mente and J. Cather
    • Volume 22, Issue 3 Bioterrorism Edited by B.E. Elewski
    • Volume 22, Issue 2 The Clinical Use of Botulinum Toxin Edited by A.W. Klein
    • Volume 22, Issue 1 Geriatric Dermatology Edited by Robert A. Norman, DO, MPH, FAAD
    • Volume 21, Issue 4 Ethnic Skin Diseases Edited by Rebat M. Halder, MD
    • Volume 21, Issue 3 Antifungal Therapy Edited by Aditya K. Gupta, MD, PhD, FRCP (C)
    • Volume 21, Issue 2 Infectious Diseases Edited by Ted Rosen
    • Volume 21, Issue 1 Oral Medicine/Oral Dermatology Edited by Roy S. Rogers III, Alison J. Bruce
    • Volume 20, Issue 4 Melanoma and Pigmented Lesions Edited by Darrell S. Rigel
    • Volume 20, Issue 3 Skin Signs of Systemic Disease Edited by Jeffrey P. Callen
    • Volume 20, Issue 2 Virology Edited by Stephen K. Tyring
    • Volume 20, Issue 1 Update on Lasers Edited by Tina S. Alster, Jason R. Lupton
    • Volume 19, Issue 4 Medical Dermatology Edited by Victoria P. Werth,  Madeleine Dwic
    • Volume 19, Issue 3 Fundamentals of Cosmetic Surgery Edited by Gary D. Monheit
    • Volume 19, Issue 2 Dermoscopy and New Imaging Techniques Edited by Harold S.  Rabinovitz
    • Volume 19, Issue 1 Systemic Dermatologic Therapy Edited by Norman Levine
    • Volume 18, Issue 4 Dermatologic Aspects of Cosmetics Edited by Zoe  Diana  Draelos
    • Volume 18, Issue 3 Inpatient Dermatology Edited by Steven R. Feldman, Alan B. Fleischer, Jr.
    • Volume 18, Issue 2 Delivery of Dermatologic Health Care Edited by Steven R. Feldman, Alan B. Fleischer
    • Volume 18, Issue 1 New and Emerging Therapies Edited by Bruce  H. Thiers

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    • Series: The Clinics: Dermatology
    •   195 pages
    • Publisher: Saunders (January 29, 2010)
    • Language: English

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