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Core Topics in General & Emergency Surgery Print & Enhanced, 4th Edition A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice

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by Simon Paterson-Brown


    Ever since the publication of the first edition in 1997, the Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice series has met the needs of surgeons in higher training and practising consultants by providing contemporary, evidence-based information on the sub-specialist areas relevant to their general surgical practice. All eight volumes are thoroughly edited and supported by evidence-based references to support key recommendations. This new Fourth Edition brings together the relevant state-of-the-art specialist information that the editors and authors consider important for the practising sub-specialist general surgeon. Purchase of a print book also includes a downloadable version of the eBook.

    • A standardised approach is used across the series to provide up-to-date information in a way that will be consistent and familiar to the reader.


    • Each volume gives a current and concise summary of the key topics within each major surgical sub-specialty.


    • Each volume highlights evidence-based practice both in the text and by also identifying the key papers in the extensive list of references at the end of every chapter.
    • This new Fourth Edition is presented in colour throughout, including colour photographs of operative procedures, investigations and clinical signs throughout.
    • The entire contents have been comprehensively updated with particular reference to the evidence-based content of each chapter.
    • An expanded group of authors provides an increased international dimension to the content of all volumes.
    • Purchase of a print copy includes a downloadable version of the eBook which you can also access on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
    • The books are available for purchase as a single volume or as part of a set of all eight volumes in an elegant slipcase.
    • Provides an update on all the key areas of general surgery and its practice, including day case surgery, abdominal hernias, the management of sepsis and the intensive care patient.

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    • Series: Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice
    •  372 pages
    • Publisher: Saunders Ltd.; 4 edition (November 19, 2009)
    • Language: English
    • Type : PDF 
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