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2018 American Society of Head and Neck Radiology - A Video CME Teaching Activity

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    2018 American Society of Head and Neck Radiology - A Video CME Teaching Activity

    Session 1
    SHN Anatomy I - Parapharyngeal, Masticator & Parotid Spaces
    H. Christian Davidson, M.D.
    SHN Anatomy II - Spaces that Cross the Hyoid Divide - Carotid, Retropharyngeal, and Perivertebral Spaces 
    Karen L. Salzman, M.D.      
    Infrahyoid Neck and Thoracic Inlet 
    Roy A. Holliday, M.D.
    Imaging of Cervical Lymph Nodes 
    Ashley Hawk Aiken, M.D.
    Session 2
    Evaluation of Double Vision 
    Claudia F. E. Kirsch, M.D.
    Evaluation of Facial Pain
    Daniel W. Williams, III, M.D.
    Evaluation of Facial Paralysis
    Jane L. Weissman, M.D., FACR
    Evaluation of Tinnitus
    C. Douglas Phillips, M.D., FACR
    Evaluation of Hoarseness
    Hilda E. Stambuk, M.D.
    Session 3
    MRI/MRA Fusion Imaging for Vascular Loop Compression Syndromes
    John L. Go, M.D.
    Salivary Gland Tumors 
    Rebecca S. Cornelius, M.D., FACR 
    Imaging of the Thyroid Mass 
    Jenny K. Hoang, MBBS
    Pediatric Ocular Lesions and Orbital Masses 
    Bernadette L. Koch, M.D.
    Session 4
    Vascular Lesions of the Head & Neck 
    Deborah R. Shatzkes, M.D.
    Nasopharyngeal Cancer and Patterns of Spread
    Christine M. Glastonbury, MBBS
    Imaging of Oropharynx Cancer and Implications for Treatment 
    Robert E. Morales, M.D.
    Imaging of Oral Cavity Cancer 
    Kristine M. Mosier, DM.D., Ph.D.
    Session 5
    PET-CT and PET-MR in Head & Neck Cancer 
    Barton F. Branstetter, M.D.
    Temporal Bone Anatomy 
    Hillary R. Kelly, M.D.
    SNHL and Imaging Workup for Cochlear Implantation
    Hugh D. Curtin, M.D.
    Imaging of Temporal Bone Infection and Inflammation
    Joel D. Swartz, M.D.
    Session 6
    Skull Base Anatomy, Anatomic Variants, and "Don't Touch Me Lesions" 
    Nancy J. Fischbein, M.D. 
    How to Image the Patient with CSF Leak? 
    Kristen Lloyd Baugnon, M.D.
    Skull Base Tumors 
    Richard H. Wiggins, III, M.D., CIIP, FSIIM
    Laryngeal Anatomy and Pathology 
    Amy Fan-Yee Juliano, M.D.
    Session 7
    The Art of Detecting PNTS - What To Look For
    Ilona M. Schmalfuss, M.D. 
    Evaluation of the Post Treatment Neck 
    Peter M. Som, M.D., FACR, FRSM
    Sinonasal Cavities: Anatomic Landmarks, Drainage Pathways, and Variants 
    Michelle A. Michel, M.D.
    Sinonasal Neoplasm Imaging and Implications for Treatment 
    Laurie A. Loevner, M.D. 
    Session 8
    Craniofacial Resection - What the Surgeons Need To Know 
    Neal Futran, M.D., DMD
    Maxillofacial Fractures and Complications
    Lindell R. Gentry, M.D., FACR
    Parathyroid Imaging: 4D CT vs. Sestamibi and CT/MR
    Jenny K. Hoang, MBBS
    Laurie A. Loevner, M.D.
    Surveillance Imaging: PET CT vs. CT/MR 
    Barton F. Branstetter, IV, M.D.  
    Lawrence E. Ginsberg, M.D.
    Low Dose CT for the Head & Neck 
    Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, M.D., FACR
    Session 9
    High Resolution Extracranial Nerve Imaging 
    Ari M. Blitz, M.D.
    Diffusion and Perfusion Imaging of Head & Neck 
    Ashok Srinivasan, M.D.
    Are You Ready for the MOC? Unknown Head & Neck Case Review - Part 1 
    Philip R. Chapman, M.D.
    Imaging of Jaw Lesions 
    Lisa J. Koenig, BChD, DDS, MS
    Session 10
    Complications of Dental Implants - What To Look For? 
    James J. Abrahams, M.D.
    Otosclerosis and Dysplasia of the Temporal Bone - Short Presentation 
    Osamu Sakai, M.D., Ph.D.
    Opportunistic Infections in the Immunocompromised Patient 
    Bronwyn E. Hamilton, M.D.
    Pediatric Emergencies
    Karuna V. Shekdar, M.D. 
    Carotid Dissection, Compression and Blow Out - Diagnosis and Management 
    Michele H. Johnson, M.D.
    Session 11
    Imaging of Ocular and Orbital Injuries
    Roberta W. Dalley, M.D. 
    Avoiding Errors in Head and Neck Cancer Imaging: A Personal Journey 
    Lawrence E. Ginsberg, M.D.
    Practical Approach for the Brachial Plexus Pathology
    Kenneth R. Maravilla, M.D. 
    ASHNR Presidential Address Head & Neck Radiology - Past, Present, and Future 
    Yoshimi Anzai, M.D., MPH
    Session 12
    Accountable Care Organization - Impact on Radiology Practice
    Norman J. Beauchamp, Jr., M.D., MHS 
    Are You Ready for the MOC? Unknown Head & Neck Case Review - Part 2 
    Joel K. Cure, M.D.
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